We Are Leaders of Today & Tomorrow

At Fluevog, we love a lot of things and people helping people is up there at the top of the list, right near ‘great shoes’ and ‘puppies’. Come spend an evening with us this Feb. 19th from 7:30-9pm at Fluevog Minneapolis as we talk style and shoe-care with our favorite experts over wine and snacks. Proceeds from the shindig will support our friends at the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow (LOTT) and we’ll be raffling off several Fluevog prizes, so pencil the date into your calendar and get your ticket already!

If every woman viewed herself as a leader, what kind of world would we create?

The LOTT Fellows Program brings together women from diverse backgrounds to create a collaborative learning environment.  We believe that women’s leadership is different and necessary.  We bring women together with this belief and work on developing complete, multifaceted leaders, providing skills that can be used both professionally and personally. Are you interested in developing your leadership skills?

If every woman gave her time to help another woman find her leadership voice, what kind of world would it be?

Mentorship is essential to developing women’s leadership throughout our community. The LOTT Fellows Program matches fellows with a mentor who can challenge her abilities, provide resources in her development and serve as a role model. LOTT mentors are not only career coaches; they are selected based upon their ability to connect with young women and provide leadership development. Without willing mentors, the LOTT Fellows Program would not be effective. What will you do today to help women develop their leadership?

Upcoming Events

  • Fluevog Loves LOTT, February 19, 2016
  • Fellows’ Workshop #2, March 5, 2016